Hello, my name is Wagner Caetano, I'm a Software Developer

Hello, my name is

Wagner Caetano,

I'm a

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Developed and implemented software solutions as a Full-stack Software Developer, leveraging frontend and backend expertise. Used to act in different product scopes at the same time, handling data crossover and maintaining flow compatibility. While working for a health insurance companyand one of the biggest banks in Brazil, created exceptional products, driving revenue growth, and optimizing user experiences.


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Professional Experience

Mid-Software Developer


2021 - Present

The responsibilities include coding and testing new software, proposing and implementing features, assessing program connections, maintaining CI/CD setups, and analyzing incidents in the production environment to provide solutions.

Junior Software Developer


2021 - 2021

The tasks involve designing, writing, testing, and correcting code for new software, evaluating program interrelationships, writing and testing code for internet and mobile applications, documenting software, and reviewing teammates' code.

Intern Software Developer


2020 - 2021

The learning objectives include understanding coding best practices, testing techniques, and software architecture principles to develop high-quality software.

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Academic Experience

Computer Science


2021 - 2024

I'm studying Computer Science at Unimetrocamp, where I'm learning about programming fundamentals, computer architecture, operating systems, database management, and software engineering.

System's Development


2018 - 2021

I studied System's Development at COTUCA, where I learned about programming, algorithms, data structures, and more.


I really like his work. Besides learning very quickly technically, he has a very active attitude, always going after things. You also participate very effectively in the rites.In general you are very good! (Translated from Portuguese)

Leonardo - Squad Leader - SulAmerica - 2020

I have always seen Wagner as a dev who knows development, he has skill and commitment, and his activities have been delivered in a timely manner, and he infects the team. (Translated from Portuguese)

Glauber - QA - SulAmerica - 2020

You are a guy out of the curve, I was impressed with your performance in the scheduling team since my first day, you actively participate in all meetings, always raising great points and collaborating a lot. Everything you propose to do you do with excellence and dedication. Always concerned about the rest of the team, to ensure that everyone is on the same page. You learn too fast. (Translated from Portuguese)

Osvaldo - Senior Dev - SulAmerica - 2021